Casting Call Dog Product Commercial

The Project

1 minute video produced for the web, highlighting a small company's two-dog leash.

The parts

2 actors with 2 dogs – Any age adult actors, male or female, any ethnicity, with dogs.  The dogs don't have to be yours, but they must be comfortable enough with you, with other dogs and with walking on a leash to be able to do so for multiple takes.  If the dog you want to use is not yours, the owner must be present for the shoot.  Both dogs will be walked together for the entire spot.  Dogs can be any size.  Actors will swap out walking both dogs.  Shots will be 1 person walking 2 dogs.

Time Commitment

This is shoot will be taking place in downtown Asheville, this Saturday the 27th, from 1 to 2 pm.  Rain date will be Sunday the 28th at the same time.


Both actors will be paid $50 each for the hour, that payment includes the dog.  A digital download of the finished spot will be made available once the spot is finished.


If interested and available please email: with the subject line: "Dog Leash Cast"

Include a recent head-shot and contact info.

Producer's work can be found here: