Audition Notice

2/25/19 UPDATE - Auditions over for Time Conquers All (now titled Saving Jake.)  All Roles cast.


Working Title: "Time Conquers All"

Casting a new short film directed by Katie Damien and produced by Angry Unicorn Entertainment in association with Piscean Pictures and Homeward Bound.

See links next to characters below for sides.  Email questions and send headshots to:

Open Call, in person auditions:
Saturday, February 2nd at 1pm until 4pm.  
Location: North Asheville Library Meeting Room, 1030 Merrimon Ave. Asheville, NC 28804.
Callbacks Saturday February 9th at 1pm. Same location.

The Film
The working title is "Time Conquers All."  This short film is 11 pages and is the true story of a hardworking orphan with a tragic past who grows old on the streets as a homeless man until a friend convinces him to find housing and hope.  This film is being produced for Homeward Bound of WNC, a non-profit whose mission is to end homelessness by putting homeless individuals into permanent housing.

Time Commitment
The shoot is scheduled in two sections from March 1-3 and March 29-31.

This is a low budget indie film, that said there is some pay for the lead role. 

Who is Behind this?
Writer, director, producer Katie Damien:
Homeward Bound of WNC, a non-profit that helps put homeless people into permanent housing. 

Character List

Jake (lead) – Male, 50s to 60s.  Quiet, kind hearted, hardworking, country boy with a tragic past. Shooting Dates: March 1-3. Sides here:

Young Jake – Male, 18 to early 20s.  Quiet, kind hearted, hardworking, country boy with a tragic past.  Must be willing to grow hair a little long and grow a beard, then trim hair and beard during shoot. Shooting Dates: March 29-31. sides here:
10-year-old Jake – Male, 8-10 years old. Quiet, kind hearted, hardworking, country boy with a tragic past. Shooting Date: March 31st.
Rachel – Female Adult.  A good listener, hopelessly optimistic, kind and caring.Shooting Date: March 3rd. Sides here:
Whitney – Jake’s wife, young adult, waitress, country girl, girl next door.Shooting Dates: March 29th and 30th. Sides here:
Samuel – Male, Adult.  Grizzled from living on the street, but has kept his optimism and good sense of humor. Shooting Dates: March 1st and 2nd. sides here:
Front Desk – social worker for Homeward Bound, adult, any gender, kind, hard working.
Shooting Date: March 3rd.

Smaller parts:
Grandpa – older male, hardworking farmer.  Must be able to kneel to act out heart attack. Shooting Date: March 31st.
Executive woman – professional, adult, female, business woman, neat, efficient, practical.
Shooting Date: March 2nd.
Young man – adult, male, well groomed, must act out performing CPR. Shooting Date: March 2nd
Young woman – adult, female, well groomed. Shooting Date: March 2nd.
Social worker #1 – any gender, adult, neat and professional. Shooting Date: March 31st
Social worker #2 – any gender, adult, neat and professional. Shooting Date: March 31st
Priest/Minister – neat, official, adult, any gender, officiating a wedding ceremony. TBD
Photographer – wedding photographer, adult, any gender. TBD
Child extras – children all ages to play orphans.  Well kept, clean, well-cared for. Shooting Date: March 31st.
Day laborers – adults, all genders, construction workers, strong, experienced. Shooting Date: March 30th
Bar patrons – adults, all genders, out for a night on the town. Shooting Date: March 30th.
Painters – adults, all genders, work in construction as painters. Shooting Date: March 30th.
Church people – any gender, any age, church going crowd, well groomed, kind-hearted.
Shooting Date: March 3rd.