Hope Rising Audition Information



Caucasian female in her 20s, brown or black hair.

Caucasian male, 20s or 30s.

When is the shoot:

Saturday September 17th with a rain date of September 18th.

Duration of shoot:

No more than 8 hours.  Times TBD.


$200 flat rate, per actor.


We are casting roles for reenactment scenes for a short documentary produced in association with Helpmate, a non-profit who helps victims of domestic violence.  The film “Hope Rising” tells the true story of Joy, an army veteran and domestic violence survivor.  Deployed with her abuser, Joy was encouraged to stay with and even help her abuser by their commanding officer.  It wasn’t until her baby’s life was threatened that she found the strength to escape.

All roles are non-speaking parts.  Actors must be able to simulate scenes of violence. Most shots will be implying violence while showing as little as possible.

How to Audition:

Send head shot and a short video with your name, email address, phone number, age and height.  Act out an argument scene.  You can play directly to the camera, or to someone off camera.  Begin as a minor disagreement and quickly escalate to yelling.  What you say isn’t important, your facial expressions and body language are what we are examining.  If you need a prompt, it can be an argument about being out with friends when your partner was expecting you to be home.

We prefer you upload the video to youtube or vimeo as an unlisted or private link and email the link.  If you need to email a file as an attachment you can do that as well.

Contact: AngryUnicornEntertainment@gmail.com